Onpack attachments - home image Onpack Attachment Manufacturing for Alcohol and Beverage Brands Market purpose-built products in high-traffic retail locations with plastic and stretchable bottle Onpack attachments, plastic packaging handles, and promotional hang tags. Shop Products Improve Your Product Packaging While Preserving the Planet.
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Providing Onpack for the Largest Manufacturing Alcohol Brands:
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Looking to expand your brand’s product line in a way that is fast, reliable, and high-quality? Frontline Manufacturing serves the largest alcohol and beverage brands in the world, providing purpose-built products that improve in-store shopping experiences and build brand loyalty.

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Onpack attachments - Stretchable Onpack

Stretchable Onpack

Our innovative line of stretchable onpack attachments are compact, easy to use and assemble, and designed to fit snugly over LCBO’s new Bottlelox security device.
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Onpack attachments - Plastic Bottleneck Onpack Attachments

Plastic Bottleneck Onpack Attachments

Our plastic bottleneck onpack attachments are designed to provide a durable and cost effective method to onpack promotional liquor bottles directly to your host bottle.
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Onpack attachments - Packaging Handles

Packaging Handles

Quality, innovative low cost plastic packaging handles for your specific corrugated packaging requirements.
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Onpack attachments - Packaging Handle Reinforcements

Packaging Handle

Our handle reinforcements work in unison with our packaging handles. The reinforcements offer extra support, securing the specified weight held by the users.
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Onpack attachments - Bottleneck hang tags

Promotional Bottle
Neck Hang Tags

Our custom bottleneck hang tags are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. This product is perfect for increasing your brand and product awareness, and sales.
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Our Culture: Customers First

We take pride in providing high-level customer service to our industry community. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in serving people and delivering quality, purpose-built products to our customers exceptionally well. Operating as a close-knit team allows us to serve companies like yours in a personalized way, giving each customer our undivided attention up until they receive their on-time delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Frontline Manufacturing Inc. does not lock customer, no contracts. Cancel your order(s) at any time.

Frontline Manufacturing Inc. prides itself on going above and beyond for our customers. In the rare case that your order is unexpectedly damaged in transit or shipping, we will replace your entire order and ship it to you immediately.
Frontline Manufacturing Inc. makes a continued effort to customize all shipped products to your exact specifications. We have an internal design process that allows us to customize any plastic to fit your needs. Contact us for more details before you place an order.
Yes, we have multiple production lines and can produce multiple product types at once; your decision to diversify your order may affect your delivery time. Please ensure that you are detailed and specific with your product needs upon placing your order.
Yes, we offer free samples to first-time customers. For our ready-made products, we send out 10-15 samples for customers to test. Custom orders are more complicated, but we will do our best to replicate your desired design.

Always test your chosen onpack attachment directly on the specific bottles you are using for your promotion. We are not responsible for breakage resulting from inappropriate applications. Always instruct your assembly personnel to check each attachment during the assembly process.

We can accommodate your order sizes, big or small, accommodating various-sized production runs and specific use cases. We do, however, require a 1,000 minimum order.
Returns are accepted on catalog products within 30 days of shipment. An authorization number must be assigned to all returns. Credit will not be issued for unauthorized returns. A restocking charge equal to 25 percent of all materials and services invoiced and all freight charges will apply to returns.

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